Wonderlist is a unique real estate mobile application that allows user to create own network, manage listing, is pro-active, simple and easy to use. Today, Wonderlist is not just a mobile app but also a powerful real estate tool that plays a vital role in the lives of every property negotiator, buyer, rental, and developer. Wonderlist has changed the perspective of property industry players especially when it comes to easy and effective search, gathering of information and getting the right property. To build the gap and solve pain points of every property agent, buyer and renter, our team of young, talented and teach savvy individuals did a thorough research and study of the real estate industry and identified each need and issues arising from every property agent, buyer and renter.

Owned by Wonderbucks Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia’s leading real estate collaboration network, Wonderlist is regarded as one of the pioneer in the real estate mobile app that offers one stop browsing features starting from the time on searches for a property to buy, to finding a prefect financing industry, home service assistance, till the time one is settled In their chosen property. Wonderlist helps bring one’s dream house closer and nearer. People can access Malaysia and SEA property markets in just a simple touch of their fingertips.


Eziown is the latest offering to come out from Wonderlist Property. Eziown is a voucher savings programme for the purchase of your property. Eziown aims to assist buyers to purchase their dream home with better further discounts & savings. Eziown gives you instant savings the moment you purchase the RM10,000 vouchers today at 50% discount. Eziown does not limit your property choices to a single source. The Eziown platform is affiliated with various property developers and the variety is also extended to sub-sale properties. The RM10,000 Eziown vouchers have redemption periods of up to 15 months. There is an option to extend and renew at no extra cost by the end of the 15-month period. For each successful referral, you are entitled to cash incentives from the referral of the voucher and the purchase of the property.

Lease option

Lease option is generally known as a lease with the option to purchase. In other words, the buyers pay for an option that grants them the right to purchase the property at an established price within a certain time frame, usually three to five years. The option money is not refundable. Lease option is different with lease purchase. Lease purchase binds both seller and buyer to the sale while the buyer has the right but no obligation to buy the property in a lease option.



Ray Chung,
CEO, Wonderlist Property Sdn. Bhd

In 2005, he ventured into real estate sales and marketing, and focused on development strategies and consulting. By the 2008 financial crisis, Ray bucked the trend and successfully sold more than RM1 billion worth of properties.
He finished his real estate management course in 2013 and set up his own real estate marketing firm. He ventured into O2O business models by starting up Wonderlist, the first ever real estate marketplace with his partners.

BT Wong,
CTO, Wonderlist Property Sdn. Bhd

He is the key technology specialist leading the company’s vision for results-oriented business strategy.
His diverse IT experience helps in the improvement and transformation of real estate software products development.He is a strong observer and good self-learner. He believes in the power of endless learning and knowledge, often spending his leisure time reading business and technology related articles.

Branden Ng,
Sales & Marketing Director, Wonderlist Property Sdn. Bhd

From his past 12 years’ experience in sales and marketing, Branden has gone through many ups and downs in his career.
From running his own retail shops, to managing 50 outlets of chain stores, leading a top sales team for a marketing firm based in Sydney, Branden is well prepared for any kind of challenge and position in running or starting up a business.

Goh Shiau Yen,
Investor Relations Director, Wonderlist Property Sdn. Bhd

Her journey in the financial sector took her from providing services to individual clients as a Mortgage Executive
to serving corporate clients as an SME Assistant Manager.She has also accomplished an award of the Top Mortgage & SME Awards during her tenure in the banking sector. With good commendations and responsibilities, she was promoted to Consumer Retail Business Development as a Manager at Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia.

Ken Chung,
IT Director, Wonderlist Property Sdn. Bhd

He drafted the entire process and program flow for Wonderlist when it was still in the ideation stage.
His knowledge in the property line stems from his past experience as a real estate agent for Venture Properties. He profoundly expressed that technology will disrupt the real estate industry heavily and with the idea and approached by Ray Chung, he decided to join the team and express his skills at Wonderlist.