Not ready To Buy? Try Lease Option Instead

For most of the home buyer especially the first-time home buyer in Malaysia, securing a financial loan can be a challenging task to do. Not to forget the down payment that needs to be settle before acquiring your first home property. All these can be burdening for most of the young home buyer that able to stop them from owning their dream property.

Luckily, there are couples of alternatives or flexible methods for you to acquire a property. Obtaining a loan from the bank is not the only way for you due to the existence of alternative buying methods such as Lease Option or also known as Rent-to-Own.

Lease Option is a program where the tenants typically rent the property for a set amount of time (usually three to five years), after which the tenants can purchase the house from the seller.

Lease Option can be a solution to the common issue among the potential home buyers which is they are not able to pay the home deposit, or their loan is not approved by the bank.

This is because, in conventional house acquisition, the buyer need to prepare a total of 10% from the house price for the deposit payment. This is an issue to most of the first time house buyers as they would have committed into other financial commitments such as education or car loan. With minimal to zero upfront down payment, the younger generation can now start dreaming of their first time house purchase in Malaysia with Wonderlist’s lease option.

Lease Option will also benefit the young generation that wishes to own a home.

Lease Option Malaysia, an alternative financing solution offered by Wonderlist Property and they are the first to have the online platform for Lease Option Malaysia.


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