Reasons You Should Use a Property CRM System

CRM system is not something new to help you manage your business. But, had you heard of property CRM system? It is designed to manage your real estate business, or your property investments from one platform, whether you are at your office or on the road as the data is stored in the cloud.

Wonderlist Property have a comprehensive Property CRM system, known as SBM (Search – Book – Manage) system to help you manage real estate leads, track lead generation campaigns, manage contacts, upload documents and contracts, manage your calendar, keep in touch with you customer, and stay on top of real estate trends. But why use a property management system is so important for you, especially agents?

Why you should start using property CRM system?

  1. Speed up you work process

You might not realise this, with property CRM system, you can capture the analytics under one platform and implement strategies on promoting using the analysis. This is handy when you have a fleet of properties, homes and offices to observe.

  1. Immediate response to your clients, and tenants

Whether you agree or not, some potential clients would always work with the first who get back to them. With property management system, you can send them automatic and personalized email to inform them that you are working on their request.

  1. Assistant is not necessary

As we knew, an agent is always busy on performing sales and might missed out potential new clients. What you need here is not an assistant, but a comprehensive property CRM system to perform immediate response and follow up with your current and potential clients.

  1. Go Green!

In the digital world, we are emphasizing paperless! By marketing through property management system across digital channels allows you to spend extra time to close case and saving money on printing flyers.

  1. Collaborations with different property parties

If the entire office is using different system to work on their sales, will they able to collaborate with each other? With a proper property CRM system, agents and admin can share the insight, report, and booking status without duplicate information.

  1. Less questions from colleagues

Another benefits of property CRM system which you would love it – less questions from your colleagues! They can check all the documents, status, client’s data, and more by login to the system!

  1. Intuitive Property Management System Dashboard explains all

A good property management system allows you to have a quick summary when needed by looking at the dashboard. This can save your time on doing reporting on the figures.

A comprehensive property CRM system does not only make your life easier but improves your relationships and profitability. Subscribe our SBM system now to save your time on managing your property business in Malaysia!


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