Why Real Estate Mobile Applications Are a Must for the Entire Industry

Today’s consumers are mobile-dependent. They are used to the habit to be able to do everything on their mobile devices with user friendly mobile applications, from ordering food to getting a ride to shopping for clothes, and now real estate mobile applications. For the entrepreneurs, what they could foresee are all possibilities to make profit as we discover a lot of businesses that adopt mobile application as their main platform. Uniquely, most of the companies that adopt this model of business does not really own the products that they are selling or promoting. For examples, Uber, the largest car sharing company in the world does not own any cars and Airbnb does not own any of the houses or rooms listed on their platform.

The expectation of mobility is no different for the real estate industries, although traditionally, this sector has been slow to adopt new technology, until now.

In the property sector, potential home owners are the main users in the digital platform. When it comes to buying, selling, or renovating a home, prospective homeowners are increasingly demanding the capability to have all pertinent data available, no matter where they are.

Thus, real estate mobile application might have the answer for these issues.

Comprehensive Data and Information

For the potential homeowners, trust is one of the main elements in acquiring the property. Thus, you must be able to provide a comprehensive and trustable data on a house to attract the buyer.

What if you could offer your clients, through the real estate mobile application, the ability to look at a home and then use their phones to immediately pull up information such as:

  • Price offered
  • Built up size
  • Land size
  • Location
  • Type of tenure
  • Condition
  • Furnishing
  • Any caveat or condition imposed

If you can provide all this info without the customer having to leave your real estate mobile application, you are a step ahead of your competitors.

New Mobile Technologies for the Real Estate Industry

We’ve been spoilt with lot of new technologies and gadgets lately. Technologies such as 3D visualizations in the planning stage of renovations and virtual tours to help potential buyers make decisions have reduced the need for physical showrooms. Even augmented reality, which involves overlaying a digital image of a renovation on the physical world, has made its mark in the industry.

For example, in Santa Clara, California, a property management startup known as Zenplance, had use a robot to help their real estate agents that was packed with appointments to do house guide for the potential home buyers. IKEA, a world-known furniture manufacturer from Sweden also created their own augmented reality mobile application to assist their users by providing a better perspective before purchasing their products.

With all these development, a comprehensive and up-to-date real estate mobile application can be a proper solution to cater the need of today society.

Improve Customer Service and Communications

There are many perks to having a real estate mobile application for those involved in this industry. For starters, having a mobile app can greatly improve customer service and communications for your business. Your phone number, address and email will be right at the fingertips of interested clients, and they’ll be able to reach you at the touch of a button. Realtors need to be easily accessible, and with a mobile app, you’re always right there.

Attract Young Generation to Purchase Houses

With younger clients looking to get into the housing market, you’ll want to evolve your business to cater to them when they are ready to buy their first house      . Younger customers are more likely to use smart phones and utilize mobile apps. Having this marketing tool which is the real estate mobile application, is a strategy that will really help you bring in young business and stay relevant to the ever-changing market.

Real Estate Mobile Application in Malaysia

Wonderlist Property, as one of the top solution provider for the real estate industry, do not want to be left behind in this digital era. They offer their wide property listing and services to the users with a mobile application, called “Wonderlist Property” available for both iOS and Android platforms.

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