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Wonderlist is a protech company whom has a mission to digitalize the real estate industry service via platform. The advantage of our platform is able to aggregate the relevant technology and system that required for the industry for the next 15 years. Thus real estate stakeholder can utilize our services as they need a one stop solution.

  • Online platform service
  • Offline sales services
  • Strategy marketing event
  • Multi after property sales services
  • Multi members value added services

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A unique real estate mobile application that allows user to create own network, manage listing, is pro-active, simple and easy to use.

Lease Option

An alternative method of home financing by way of a lease arrangement that provides the customer the option to purchase the property.


One of the solutions provided by Wonderlist Property to assist potential home owners especially the first house buyer.


Search, Book and Manage your property.


Help your company to look more professional to your customers and help improve business perfor­mance at the same time.

Event Tree Solutions

We are your one stop events solutions provider. We provide you the best services you need for your events.

Property Management System

This function will be beneficial for the real estate agents or developers to record all the information of their purchasers. Under this function, user can submit up to 4 persons’ information under one property unit.

Under this function, you can track and control the accessibility of your downline efficiently.

This system will allow the users to follow up their customer and it can improve the marketing strategy.

Our SBM System also can allow the users to book or reserve any property and update the action into the directory system in real time to notify the developer.

Wonderlist Search-Book-Manage (SBM) System can be beneficial to real estate agent to organize their commission systematically. One of important feature that our SBM System can perform is it can allow the agents to withdraw their commission through the e-wallet gateway.If you are interested on our property management system, please call or Whatsapp at 03-93680019 to arrange system demo.

One of the main function of our SBM System is it can allow the developer to set any rebate to their purchasers for any development project running in the system.

The users of our SBM System also can upload all the SPA documents and maintaining all pertinent records in one place. So, there is no need for you to worry about the safety of your documents as it will be keep safe and backed in our system.

Our SBM System also has the capability to create a form for any kind of purposes such as new project registration or events. This system can allow the users to track any activities through the link such as total link clicks or amount of submission and has the capability to allow the users to track the source of submission or click.

From this function, you can view the activity logs of your customers. Subsequently, you can utilize this function to improve the user experience of your customers.

Our SBM System also offers the capability for it user to blast any message to recipients up to 100 persons with a single click. It is good news for the marketing team!

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Wonderlist helps bring one’s dream house closer and nearer.

Pricing Table

General Package

  1. 50 Listings
  2. Unlimited Repost
  3. CRM System Included (Free trial 30 days)
  4. Advanced Lead Capture (Free trial 30 days)
  5. Email Support Ready
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Professional Agent
RM150 / month

  1. 200 Listings
  2. Unlimited Repost
  3. CRM System Included
  4. Advanced Lead Capture
  5. Email Support Ready

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Improve property transaction experience via data technology

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